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Ez online pharmacy buy viagra usa The most significant of the recent changes to city's marijuana policy came Thursday, when City Council voted to make possession of an ounce or less marijuana — a personal possession "like prescription pill" ban — a misdemeanor punishable by up to 90 days behind bars, the first city law on that topic since California voters legalized the drug for first time in 1996. But a little-noticed council amendment on the same day gave Police Department discretion to use other methods punish those caught with small amounts, such as requiring them to attend a drug awareness class or serve the minimum sentence associated with police offense. It is the second time in recent weeks that the city's police have tweaked their existing marijuana can you buy viagra online in the usa laws — with much less fanfare to respond an expected legislative response aimed at reducing the number of those with criminal records for cannabis offenses. A week ago, as the first marijuana law of year neared its close, council President Darrell Clarke wrote a letter to police Chief Michael Sellers ask him to consider changing buy viagra online from usa the law so it now requires police to hand-write a summons rather than issue citation. The change doesn't require more officers to fill in and sign the summonses, but it does enable more officers to hand them out in a more cost-efficient manner. Clarke's letter made no mention of the latest City Council amendment limiting the fine for possession to $100, but it's possible he was thinking about it. "The City Council has a long history of supporting police reforms in a number of different areas," mayoral spokesman Keith Tousley said in a statement issued Friday evening. "This initiative is another step in addressing concerns about how we enforce cannabis laws." Clarke was the most public proponent of an increase on fines. The amendment that allowed police to impose fines of up $100 for possession at a time appears to be similar the $1,000 $300 fine being levied recently in Los Angeles response to laws allowing it. "I love it," said marijuana legalization opponent and former Councilman Gil Cedillo. "I want to think how good that looks." He noted that he, too, tried to push for an increase misdemeanor fines of up to $50 or even $100, but his efforts were thwarted by the police chief in charge of his district. That man took the position no one International online pharmacy germany "needs a ticket for smoking pot," Cedillo said. He added that police are always under pressure to find people with outstanding warrants, so he didn't understand why an increase in fines was now more politically palatable. However, the new amendment does increase potential for citations to result in arrests. In that case, police will still issue warnings or citations for small amounts, but the first ticket could result in arrest at the police department's discretion, Tousley said. The Police Department could decide to arrest someone even if they had no history of marijuana offenses and don't have outstanding cases when it comes to an officer's discretion, Tousley said. Although the police department is forbidden from enforcing municipal code, the new change was a little unexpected given that the police chief's assistant has been handling enforcement matters for the department. change is a result of request from Councilman Gil Cedillo. Mayor Joe Ganim and some other officials were also surprised, saying there should be little chance the Police Department will change their enforcement policies on this particular issue unless the law changes. But the new requirement that an officer must write the summons if person he has just arrested no prior arrests or court appearances for marijuana is different from prior versions, Tousley argued. Before, the Police Department was unable to enforce its marijuana laws if the person arrested did.

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